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My artistic journey is a reflection of my deep exploration into the intricacies of human emotions, rooted in my personal experiences and contemplation of the absurdity that defines our existence. Through my paintings, I seek to encapsulate the essence of deep human nihilism and anxiety, translating these complex emotions into visual narratives that resonate with both my personal journey and the shared human experience.

Central to my artistic exploration is the concept of human vulnerability, the sudden exposure to the scrutiny of myriad gazes. This vulnerability finds its voice in the recurring motifs of windows and doors within my art. These metaphors, laden with layers of meaning, mirror the human condition - a delicate interplay between the unknown, anxiety, and hope. A recent encounter with Franz Kafka's “The Street Window” intensified my fascination with these symbolic structures, emphasizing their significance in anchoring a solitary existence while navigating the external world.

My compositions evolve from a psychological perspective, capturing the fragile landscape of human emotions. The structure of windows and doors, exposed to countless perspectives, symbolizes the tenuous grasp we have on the fabric of reality. This imagery resonates with the predicament of human beings thrust into existence, irrespective of their intentions, and underscores the instability inherent in our lives.

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Hyeseong Cho

Painter based in Toronto
Born and raised in Seoul, South Korea
Immigrated in Canada 2009

BFA, Painting, Hong-ik University, Seoul, South Korea
MFA, Painting, Hong-ik University, Seoul, South Korea

Selected Exhibitions
  • 2023 Impact2023 Juried Exhibition, NPCC Toronto
  • 2023 ArtistProject Toronto 2023, Toronto
  • 2022 Big holiday small show juried Exhibition, Leslie Grove Gallery ,Toronto
  • 2022 Joy juried Exhibition, Summer Grace Gallery,Canada
  • 2022 Passageway & Window Duo show, Rainbow Gallery, Canada
  • 2004 Life Landscape, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul
  • 2002 Double Negative Duo Show, Gallery Boda, Seoul
  • 1999 Museum of personal history, Insa Gallery, Seoul
  • 1999 Time Machine, Kongpyung Art Center, Seoul
  • 1998 Beings for themselves, Hongik Museum of Art, Seoul
  • 1998 Korea Art Exhibition, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul
  • 1998 Handmade Text, Wonseo Gallery, Seoul
  • 1997 MBC Grand Art Exhibition, Hangaram Art Museum of Seoul Art Center
  • 1997 The next Generation, Kwanhoon Gallery, Seoul
  • 1997 A Viewpoint Expression, Kongpyung Art Center, Seoul
  • 1997 The mirror exhibition, Seonam Gallery, Seoul
  • 1996 Fictions, Indeco Gallery, Seoul
  • 1996 Dreaming of spring, Epoch Gallery, Seoul
  • 1995 Sense and Imagination, Gallery 21, Seoul

Solo Exhibitions
  • 2023 The street window, Artist Project Toronto
  • 1998 Representation of Consciousness, Master's Degree Exhibition
  • 1996 Untitled, KEPCO. Gallery, Seoul, South Korea
  • 1995 Untitled, KEPCO. Gallery, Seoul, South Korea

  • Selected for Korea Art Exhibition, 1998
  • Special selection in MBC Grand Art Exhibition, 1999

  • Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, South Korea

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